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    Available Courses

    Banzai currently offers three courses: 

    • Junior, ages 8–12
    • Teen, ages 13–18
    • Plus, ages 16 and up

    When you create a class, you can select any or all of those courses for your class.In Banzai Junior, players simulate running a lemonade stand over a summer so they can save up for a new bike or "hoverboard," depending on what they choose. They practice basic business decisions, paying for business expenses, borrowing money, and saving. 

    In Banzai Teen, players simulate saving up for college registration with their full-time job at a bookstore. They live on their own and have to handle important everyday fiscal decisions like living arrangements, transportation, utilities, and unexpected obstacles, all while they save for their first semester of college. 

    In Banzai Plus, players simulate the home-buying process by allocating their income over several paychecks, in a more extended, in-depth version of Banzai. Players will receive a lifelike credit score that responds to their decisions in the game. They will also learn about identity theft, income tax, mortgages, credit and borrowing, and long-term financial trade-offs. 

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