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    Junior Activity Kits

    Teachers who use the simulation course Banzai Junior also use the Junior Activity Kit, which you can order for free. Feel free to view the PDF of the Junior Activity Kit.

    The activity kits contain three age-appropriate, bonus activities to wrap up the Banzai program:

    • Interview a Grown-Up: Students interview an adult about financial literacy with an interview prompt, and write down his or her responses. This activity is a great opportunity to get a financial professional in the classroom, or have students do some off-campus interaction. 

    • Banzai Swap: Students cut out the cards and play a fun, short trading game called Banzai Swap. It is a short game that requires groups of five to seven players and can be played with the entire class for the final round. 

    • Crossword Puzzle: Students play crossword puzzles on essential vocab terms they learned in Junior (i.e., budget, income, deposit, interest). 

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