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    Teen Workbook

    The Teen Workbook (ages 13–18) is now available for teachers who use Banzai Teen in their classrooms. Replacing the Teen Activity Kit, this workbook offers a rigorous, independent learning experience that challenges students and helps them develop new skills. Feel free to view a PDF of the new Teen Workbook. While challenging, it is less rigorous than the Plus Workbook. Although less difficult than the Plus Workbook, there are some similar activities that overlap, so there's no need to order both workbooks for the same class.


    There are four sections that  do not require completing the online Teen course, but they do require internet access and a Banzai account to access the Banzai library—found in the teacher Toolkit or the header of a student's account. 

    These sections make up most of the workbook:

    • Budgeting
      • Income and Expenses
      • Work-Life Balance
    • Costs
      • Quality vs Cost
      • Cost of Living
    • Saving
      • 50/30/20 Rule
      • Emergency Fund
    • Life Skills
      • Opening Your First Account
      • Interview a Pro
      • Writing a Check and Deposit Slip

    There is one follow-up section called Beyond Banzai Teen that does require students to have completed the online Teen course.

    Learning Activities

    There are 13 learning activities in the Teen Workbook. Part of it is designed to be used with the Banzai library, which contains many articles and financial calculators students will need to complete the activities. The latter part is designed to be completed after students play through Banzai Teen, the simulation course. Students will also need a pencil and a pair of scissors. The main learning activities are comprehension, problem solving, application, essay, and vocab. 


    • Difficulty: Low to Medium
    • Time: About 7 minutes each

    Students are assigned a short reading from the Banzai library and answer a miniquiz to show what they learned. These articles give students a cursory understanding of personal finance topics. In the example below, students read the article " Income and Expenses."

    Problem Solving

    • Difficulty: Medium to High
    • Time: About 15 minutes each

    These activities are the bread and butter of the workbook. In each scenario, students act sort of like a financial adviser to help a "friend" who's facing a financial dilemma. Does Leilani make that expensive move to Chicago? How does Alice save up for her emergency fund? These activities require students to make calculations, use the Banzai financial calculators, and make recommendations to the friend in the scenario. 


    • Difficulty: Low
    • Time: About 5 to 10 minutes each

    In these activities, students are given a prompt to interview an adult they trust about personal finance. (This activity is a favorite from the old Teen Activity Kit.) Students are also given the task of writing a check and filling out a deposit slip, two skills that are still useful when your mobile banking app seizes up from a glitch!

    Essay and Vocab

    • Difficulty: Medium
    • Time: About 5 to 10 minutes each

    In the section "Beyond Banzai Teen," students reflect on the decisions they made in the simulation course and think critically about what they did well, and what held them back from winning the game. They also complete a crossword puzzle using the new vocab they learned in Teen, and they try their hand at various vocab logic activities (i.e., matching, application, etc).

    Note: To access the answer key, log in to your Banzai teacher account and click the Toolkit button at the top. 

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